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Anthropology in Practice

The Emergence of Death and Dying as We Know It

Photo by KDCosta, 2011. Sleepy Hollow, NY.

Once upon a time, people died in their homes. Up until the time of death they were cared for by friends, family members, and appointed religious leaders. (The latter reminded the dying and their loved ones of the frailty of life in preparation for the impending separation.) And following death, the deceased remained in the [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

Fooling Ourselves: The Everyday Role of Ritual


April Fools’ Day is not unique to Western cultures. People all over the world and all throughout history have celebrated the coming of Spring with festivals of deception and lightheartedness. In this spirit, all this week, we’ll explore themes of magic, fraud, and trickery. Today is Opening Day for the New York Mets. Like other [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

Deconstructing Rituals of Reconciliation

Ed note – We’re digging in the archives today: This post originally appeared on Anthropology in Practice on June 27th, 2011. “It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry.” Readers may find that the title for this section triggers a certain refrain by Chicago (or BoysIIMen, depending on how old you are). Apologies in advance [...]

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