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Anthropology in Practice

What troubles us about unfaithful politicians?

Creative Commons, Maegan Tintari

History is littered with private indiscretions made public—some have just been more public than others: It is believed the Leonardo da Vinci was a passionate instructor to his students; one in particular remained in da Vinci’s favor for 26 years. Cleopatra made no secret of the nature of her political alliances, which included a close [...]

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Stupid Science Statements Made by Public Figures: Send Us Your Favorites

classic misrepresentation of human evolution from chimp to modern man

“The brain holds on to false facts, even after they have been retracted” —Valerie Ross, “Lingering Lies: The Persistent Influence of Misinformation,” Scientific American MIND, July 2011 Lingering lies and entirely false scientific statements sometimes make a bigger impact on the public, policy, elections and scientific practice than do the facts themselves. How often have [...]

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A Stern Commentary: Howard Stern Calls Out Rick Perry for His Anti-Science Views

Howard Stern

No shortage of articles have been published about the deep distrust exhibited by most 2012 Republican presidential candidates toward specific scientific findings—notably evolution and climate change—as well as in some cases toward science itself. Rush Limbaugh, who shapes the opinions of a large audience of conservatives, has labeled science as one of the “Four Corners [...]

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