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Anthropology in Practice

Confession: I’m Not Such a Reluctant e-Reader Adopter (Anymore)

Okay, love is too strong a strong word. I’ve never quite gotten over the smell of paper and the comforting heft of a much-loved tome, but I’m not quite the reluctant adopter I was a year ago. Still, it seems I’m not alone in making this shift: According to a report from the Pew research [...]

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Plugged In

Has Support For Fracking Really Decreased? Maybe Not.

Source: UT Energy Poll, Base: 2,105

According to a new poll out by Pew of 1,353 Americans, support for the increased use of fracking has declined over the past year with 41% of Americans in favor of the practice and 47% opposed. But wait just one second… Is it really fair to assess support for fracking given over half of Americans [...]

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