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Anthropology in Practice

Burger with a side of toys: How is fast food being marketed to children?

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began to heavily legislate cigarette marketing in the 1960s following a report from the Surgeon General’s office on the dangers of smoking. Efforts were largely focused on reducing the ads that targeted children, which often ran during programs for children and teens like The Flintstones. In a story that has [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

Can Cookie Monster teach us about peer pressure?

Photo by Brian Richardson, CC. Click on image for license and information.

It’s not quite news that Cookie Monster no longer eats cookies. Well, he’ll have one cookie, but only after he fills up on vegetables! Understandably, the public was outraged, and in response, Cookie Monster felt the need to clarify: He still eats cookies—for dessert—but he likes fruit and vegetables too. Cookie Monster needed to reassert [...]

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Food Matters

Food fears: A social issue?


From high-fructose corn syrup to lean finely textured beef, health or safety concerns about specific food ingredients can capture the public’s attention and have the potential to significantly impact the food industry. While some food fears are backed by scientific evidence, a recent study by Cornell University researchers suggests food fears may also have a [...]

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Guest Blog

Artificial Sweeteners May Have Despicable Impacts on Gut Microbes

Sweet'N Low is a brand of artificial sweetener made primarily from granulated saccharin. (Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

I find it ironic that Thanksgiving coincides with American Diabetes Month. In honor of that irony, two recently published studies have suggested a possible link between what you eat, how it impacts the behavior of the microbes living in your gut, and type II diabetes. To further explain, allow me use the most adorable analogy [...]

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Guest Blog

Lifestyle Choices Could Affect Gene Sequences That Code for Cancer

Couch potatoing. (Credit: El Alvi via Flickr)

It’s no secret that diet and exercise can directly impact our health. But for many people, genetic predisposition to disease – be it hypertension or diabetes or cancer – is often perceived as a risk that is out of their hands. New findings in the field of epigenetics, however, suggest that we may have more [...]

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