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Anthropology in Practice

On My Shelf: Blue Jeans–The Art of the Ordinary


Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary | Daniel Miller and Sophie Woodward | University of California Press | 184 pages | $24.95 (Paperback) I’m willing to bet you own at least one pair of jeans. Denim clothing—which will be used interchangeably with jeans for this discussion—is popular with people just about everywhere, with the [...]

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PhyloPic: 500 Million Years, 44 Silhouettes


  Sometimes you just have to love the internet. Specifically, I love when collaboration results in something wonderful and educational. PhyloPic is a site where you can find free Public Domain/Creative Commons silhouettes of organisms. They’re submitted by artists volunteering their time and talent for educators and well, anybody to use. And now there’s a [...]

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Dress So Chic You Can See It From Space


Since Bora Zivkovic first asked me to moderate a session back at ScienceOnline 2009, I’ve been hoping to instill the importance of imagery into the wider science communication conversation. And it’s been working, in fits and starts. One of the most enthusiastic advocates for bringing sciart into scicomm is thankfully also the Executive Director of ScienceOnline, [...]

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Dinosaur Couture Should Be Open to All


Should an illustration of a dinosaur skeleton be considered as functional as a pair of jeans? Watching this TED Talk with Johanna Blakley recently discussing copyright and fashion, she points out that some creative industries have little or not copyright. The world of fashion. Automobile design. The tattoo design industry.  The reason, Blakley points out, [...]

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