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Anthropology in Practice



I was charged with moving my library over the weekend, and while I typically enjoy spending time with my books—in particular, feeling their heft in my hands—it was backbreaking labor to lug all of them up the stairs through the house to their new, sunnier home. It dawned on me—having professed to being a reluctant [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

Confessions from a Reluctant e-Reader Adopter

How do you read? Photo by KDCosta, 2012.

I’m a bibliophile. And an avid bookworm. I bring books home the way some people do stray animals—I have a soft spot for books that have been thrown away, though I have been forced to learn some restraint in recent years as a result of space considerations. I’m always in need of more shelves. S [...]

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Apple introduces the iPad and iBooks

Apple, iPad, tablet

What do you know? McGraw-Hill CEO Harold McGraw was on the money yesterday when he said Apple would announce a tablet on Wednesday. The iPad now has officially arrived, weighing in at less than a kilogram, with a 25-centimeter LED-backlit display that is just over a centimeter thick. It will be available by the end [...]

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Octopus Chronicles

Can Octopuses Help Us Make Better Kindles?

octopus kindle e-reader camouflage display

Octopuses and Kindles might have more in common than you think. It’s true that you can’t read a Jules Verne novel off an octopus. And a Kindle can’t camouflage itself against a brightly colored, textured coral reef. But the two both depend on using ambient light to generate their “display,” and both can change their appearance [...]

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