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Anthropology in Practice

The Story of Grand Central Station and the Taming of the Crowd

Grand Central Terminal waiting room, c. 1904. | Public domain.

“Left or right?” he asked me as we watched the commuter train approach. A group of people nearby moved into position to line up with the door, all likely thinking the same thing: How do I get a seat? “Left,” I said. “These people are going to go right.” He looked at me for a [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

Closing the Monkey House: The End of a Shared Experience

Change is afoot and people aren’t sure what to make of it. Last Monday, the Bronx Zoo officially closed its 111-year-old Primate (“Monkey”) House, citing a need for change in the ways the animals are exhibited—an evolution, if you will. Responses have revealed how deeply unsettling the closure is to the general psyche of the [...]

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