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Anthropology in Practice

Choice, Control, Freedom and Car Ownership

Cars have long been symbols for personal freedom. With the open road before you you can go anywhere—from behind the wheel you really take control of your destiny. In this regard, cars are empowering. Ownership means that you have the means to be independently mobile, that you own not just a vehicle but choice as [...]

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Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes Help Smokers Remember Dangers

graphic cigarette warning label smoker recall message

This September, cigarette packs in the U.S. will be getting a lot more colorful. And a lot more disturbing. By then, tobacco companies will be required to display one of nine graphic health warnings on each pack, to comply with the Tobacco Control Act of 2009. The U.S. has followed dozens of other countries in [...]

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“Do not track” options in store for Chrome, IE and Firefox


Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are moving quickly to respond to calls from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and consumer watchdogs for a "do not track" option that allows Web surfers to protect their private information from being exploited by advertising networks. By announcing plug-in software and new anti-tracking features, the major Web browser makers have [...]

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Streams of Consciousness

Can Atheists Be Happy? And Other Answers from Scientific American MIND

Pretty young woman

The May/June issue of Scientific American Mind makes its online debut today. As usual, it contains an array of delicacies to sate your curiosity about people. Here are three mouth-watering morsels of brain food from its pages. Knowing Ourselves. How we see ourselves—physically, that is–can play a significant role in our lives. Our body image [...]

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If Only Pinterest Would Show Me More Ads… Said No One, EVER.


I want so badly to love Pinterest, but we just don’t seem to be compatible lovers. My initial objection to their service was the cavalier way in which they claimed rights to creative work displayed on their site (almost certainly a relic of being a new startup and writing the broadest terms of service they [...]

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Talking back

Suicide Used as Plot Device in Car Ad, Public Health Norms Be Damned

On May 3, the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report showing that suicide among middle-aged Americans has risen substantially. Perverse coincidence perhaps, but that document arrived about a week after Hyundai Europe pulled an ad that sparked sustained outrage because it shows a guy trying to commit suicide with fumes from his [...]

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Talking back

New Job for Brain Scientists: Pitching Mutual Funds

I was watching one of the March Madness games recently with my son Benjamin. He is the only one in the world I can do this with because I can ask him what the difference is between the shot clock in the NBA and the one in the NCAA without being asked to immediately produce [...]

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