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Anecdotes from the Archive

This Week in World War I: August 15, 1914

Germany’s Opening Gambit The German attack on Belgium and France, starting on August 4, 1914, was designed to deliver a crushing blow to the French armies before the Russians and British could mobilize; after defeating the French, the Germans planned to use their extensive railway system to rush their forces to the eastern front to [...]

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Anecdotes from the Archive

This Week in World War I: August 2 – 8, 1914

Searchlights of the German fleet turn night into day. Scientific American, August 15, 1914

The Outbreak of War Reported 100 years ago in Scientific American The invasion of Belgium by the German army, in a bid to outflank French forces, led to Britain declaring war on Germany this week a century ago. The outbreak of a widespread war in 1914 took many people by surprise. That reaction was evident [...]

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