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ScienceOnline2013 - be a part of the program!


As the ScienceOnline world is growing, we have been busily preparing for ScienceOnline2013, our flagship meeting in Raleigh NC (January 31 - February 2, 2013) for a few months now. The organizing wiki was set up while ScienceOnline2012 was still in session, and it's time to start putting together the program.

There are already many good ideas on the Program Suggestions page of the wiki. If you intend to come to the event and you want to do something there - moderate a session, present a brief demo, etc., volunteer by editing that page and adding your ideas there.

How is the program made? Read this account for hints.

We will close the Program Suggestions page on July 1st, so hurry up.

As we are closing the wiki unusually early this year, we will also leave a couple of time-slots in the program for topics that arise later, perhaps even for topics decided during the meeting itself. Stay tuned.

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