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ScienceOnline participants' interviews


I decided to put together links to all the Q&As I did with the participants of the ScienceOnline conferences so far. Many people who came once try to keep coming back again and again, each year. And next year, I guess I can start doing some "repeats" as people's lives and careers change quite a lot over a period of 3-4 years. I should have thought of doing this in 2007! And there will be (hopefully) more 2012 interviews posted soon.

2012 (about 450 attendees):

Dirk Hanson

Meg Lowman

Matthew Hirschey

Matt Shipman

Jessica Morrison

Elizabeth Preston

David Shiffman

Roger Austin

Katie Cottingham

Josh Witten

Michele Arduengo

Jamie DePolo

Chuck Bangley

Rebecca Guenard

Tanya Lewis

Kate Prengaman

Tracy Vence

Lali Derosier

Joe Kraus

Sarah Chow

Mark Henderson

Adam Regelmann

Kathryn Bowers

Trevor Owens

Emily Buehler

Kaitlin Vandemark

Michelle Sipics

Bug Girl

Adrian Down

Samuel Arbesman

Helen Chappell

Matthew Francis

David Ng

Maryn McKenna

Mindy Weisberger

William Gunn

Cathy Clabby

Allie Wilkinson

Bora Zivkovic

Chris Gunter

Sean Ekins

Anthony Salvagno

Anton Zuiker

Sarah Webb

2011 (about 320 attendees):

Taylor Dobbs

Holly Tucker

Jason Priem

David Wescott

Jennifer Rohn

Jessica McCann

Dave Mosher

Alice Bell

Robin Lloyd

Thomas Peterson

Pascale Lane

Holy Bik

Seth Mnookin

Bonnie Swoger

John Hawks

Kaitlin Thaney

Kari Wouk

Michael Barton

Richard Grant

Kiyomi Deards

Kathleen Raven

Paul Raeburn

Kristi Holmes

2010 (about 280 attendees):

Ken Liu

Maria Droujkova

Hope Leman

Tara Richerson

Carl Zimmer

Marie-Claire Shanahan

John Timmer

Dorothea Salo

Jeff Ives

Fabiana Kubke

Andrea Novicki

Andrew Thaler

Mark MacAllister

Andrew Farke

Robin Ann Smith

Christine Ottery

DeLene Beeland

Russ Williams

Patty Gainer

John McKay

Mary Jane Gore

Ivan Oransky

Diana Gitig

Dennis Meredith

Ed Yong

Misha Angrist

Jonathan Eisen

Christie Wilcox

Maria-Jose Vinas

Sabine Vollmer

Beth Beck

Ernie Hood

Carmen Drahl

Joanne Manaster

Elia Ben-Ari

Leah D. Gordon

Kerstin Hoppenhaus

Hilary Maybaum

Jelka Crnobrnja

Alex, Staten Island Academy student

Scott Huler

Tyler Dukes

Tom Linden

Jason Hoyt

Amy Freitag

Emily Fisher

Antony Williams

Sonia Stephens

Karyn Hede

Jack, Staten Island Academy student

Jeremy Yoder

Fenella Saunders

Cassie Rodenberg

Travis Saunders

Julie Kelsey

Beatrice Lugger

Eric Roston

Anne Frances Johnson

William Saleu

Stephanie Willen Brown

Helene Andrews-Polymenis

Jennifer Williams

Morgan Giddings

Anne Jefferson

Marla Broadfoot

Kelly Rae Chi

Princess Ojiaku

Steve Koch

2009 (about 210 attendees):

Sol Lederman

Greg Laden


Peter Lipson

Glendon Mellow


Betul Kacar Arslan

Eva Amsen


Miriam Goldstein

Katherine Haxton

Stephanie Zvan

Stacy Baker

Bob O’Hara

Djordje Jeremic

Erica Tsai

Elissa Hoffman

Henry Gee

Sam Dupuis

Russ Campbell

Danica Radovanovic

John Hogenesch

Bjoern Brembs

Erin Cline Davis

Carlos Hotta

Danielle Lee

Victor Henning

John Wilbanks

Kevin Emamy

Arikia Millikan

Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove

Blake Stacey

Daniel Brown

Christian Casper

Cameron Neylon

2008 (about 170 attendees):

Karen James

James Hrynyshyn

Talia Page

Deepak Singh

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Graham Steel

Jennifer Ouelette

Anna Kushnir

Dave Munger

Vanessa Woods

Moshe Pritsker

Hemai Parthasarathy

Vedran Vucic

Patricia Campbell

Virginia Hughes

Brian Switek

Jennifer Jacquet

Bill Hooker

Gabrielle Lyon

Aaron Rowe

Christina Pikas

Tom Levenson

Liz Allen

Kevin Zelnio

Anne-Marie Hodge

John Dupuis

Ryan Somma

Janet Stemwedel

Shelley Batts

Tara Smith

Karl Leif Bates

Xan Gregg

Suzanne Franks

Rick MacPherson

Karen Ventii

Rose Reis


Elisabeth Montegna

Kendall Morgan

David Warlick

Jean-Claude Bradley

In 2007, we had about 130 attendees, but I did not think about doing Q&As yet at that time.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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