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The Story Collider about The Science of Writing, and #NYCSciTweetup, rolled into one.

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Next month, The Story Collider will be really exciting, as we teamed up and put this event together with the #NYCSciTweetUp.

The event will be held on September 27th in Union Hall in Brooklyn. The meetup will be 6:30pm – 10:00pm (or longer – until they kick us out of the establishment), and the Story Collider program will start at 8pm. The place is big, so you can keep moving between the storytelling room and the bar as you please.

The September theme for the storytelling event is The Science of Writing. The people you’ll see on the stage telling their stories will be science writer/blogger Carl Zimmer, political writer/blogger Amanda Marcotte, novelist/blogger Anna North, Clinton speechwriter Mark Katz, one more storyteller yet to be announced, and myself.

The Story Collider website will have more information about the event soon, but if you are interested in showing up for the tweetup, please let us know (so we can estimate numbers) at our Facebook event page (and if you do not want to miss future tweetups, “Like” the official #NYCSciTweetUp Facebook page – if you are not on Facebook, just show up, it’s OK).

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